About The Brand

When I first got started with my photography business, I was always frustrated by how many people expected me to create for free.
I consider my work to be art.
From creating the initial mood board to post-production,I put a lot into my craft from beginning to end. 
Dedication + attention to details like that takes real work + real work should be compensated.
So I tweeted about it.
But then it happened again + so I wrote a blog about it.

But that just didn't seem like enough so I made a hoodie about it.
That was the beginning of my online business.
Since then I've done a few things to help push my fellow creatives + entrepreneurs forward.
My goal has always been to just to do whatever I could to push the creative (in particular photography) journey.

Whether it be with my statement clothing pieces or my Lightroom presets there's stuff on there for everyone to enjoy.